Who To Buy From

One of the most popular maker of straight razors is Dovo of Solingen. A German company founded in 1906 that first started making open razors. Over the last hundred years Dovo of Solingen a name that is synonymous with high quality straight razors.

Feather Safety Razor Company based out of Osaka, Japan founded in 1932. This company offers a more futuristic take on the idea of straight razor shaving. With their new Feather Razor you can now gat a high quality barbershop shave from your own home. By using a easy and replaceable blade. This means you wont have to worry about honing or stropping anymore.

Mastro Livi based out of Perugia and has been in business for around fifty years. This is a family business for Mastro Livi who inherited it from his father. These blades are a work of art. Each blade made by him is a real heirloom piece. Recognized by all shaving and blade enthusiasts for their shaving ability and beauty.

Thiers Issard is world renowned for their razor blades and other knives. Thiers Issard a French manufacture has been around for about 1884 and started making razor blades in 1920. Today if you are looking for a real collectible. They have hand forged historic razors from over one hundred years age for sell.

Tim Zowada is a modern day master when it comes to making straight blades. He hade forges all of his works so no detail is left out. Base out of Michigan he has over 25 years of experience. Tim does several things in his manufactures process to make sure his blade is the most unique on the market.