Shaving Sets

Once you have started using your straight razor and have gotten a good understanding of how they work you might want to look into getting a complete gift set. Most straight razor shaving sets might have a straight razor, leather strop, strop cream or gel, honing stone, shaving brush, shaving brush stand, shaving mug, and shaving soap.

Having a full set will give you all the items you need to get the most out of your shaving experience. More importantly these items will allow Straight Razor Shaving Setsyou to keep your straight razor it working optimal condition. Causing it to last for years to come.

But not all shaving kits are equal most standard kits come in three piece sets including a razor, brush, and stand. Some kits might just contain more than one blade allowing you to switch from blade to blade before honing and conditioning.

At this point you may be asking yourself do you really need these items and what do they all do? The answer is – yes. You really do need these items if you want to protect your investment. Proper care of your straight razor can cause it to last a lifetime.

You may be wandering what some of these items do. Lets focus on the most important ones first. The honing stone, lather strop with strop cream and gel are very important. Because they keep the razor in good working condition. The stone keeps the blade sharp for a clean shave. The leather strop and cream will shape and smooth the razor’s edge.

The other items like – shaving brush, mug, and soap are very important items needed to get the best lather possible. Don’t settle for the generic shaving cream you get from a local retail outlet it will fall short of what these products can provide.