Proper Care – Protecting Your Investment

Proper care of you new straight razor is the most important part of your new investment. Just as learning the fine art of using you new razor took time, patience, and practice. You will now have to learn the discipline of take care of you straight razor which is an art of its own. Know as honing and stropping.

After you receive your new razor and have been using it for a bit – like all blades you may notice its beginning to dull a bit not to worry. Its just time to strop the blade. But when stropping will no longer seem to give it the edge you want – then it will be time to hone it.

The process of stropping is a fairly is easy one once you get the hang of it. Normally you will have the strop (a piece of leather) hanging Stroppingsuspended from the wall. Pull the strop tight so that it does sag. Next you will run or stroke the blade down the strop. You will want to start this action on the far side of the strop with the blade facing away from you. Next you will flip the blade over and continue back down the strop always having the razor’s shaving side facing away from you. Some say you need about thirty to fifty strokes.

If stropping no longer gives you the it the sharpness you need. Then it is time for a re-honing. Honing is the process of using a hone to sharpen a razor blade into a perfect cutting edge. Put the razor blade on the hone (flat side down) with the edge of the razor facing left. Then turn your razor from face to face by rolling it on its backside. The rolling motion across the back of razor should be done with the fingers and not with the wrist. Make sure that you have this motion down before moving forward.

When stroking the razor against the hone you will need to stroke it diagonally across the hone. Drawing the razor towards the cutting side and Honingheel – notice this is opposite from stropping where you would pull the razor away from the cutting edge.

Next after you have made your first diagonal stroke – turn the razor on its back using your fingers like mentioned above. Once you have rolled the blade over – slide it upward. Keep an equal amount of pressure on the razor for all strokes. Its best when going from one stroke to another – to make four separate movements – instead of one or two sweeping motions.