How To Shave With A Straight Razor

Straight razor shaving is a refined art and is a time honored tradition among men. But it along with many old traditions have seemed to fall to the way side as technology advances. But is shaving with a conventional razor really that much better.

Sure one simply can’t run a straight razor across their face if they are in a hurry in the morning. But lets be for real once you have master the How To Shave With A Straight Razorstraight razor it will only take a few more minutes than a conventional razor to shave. It well worth another five minutes to have a cleaner longer lasting shave.

Here is how to shave with a straight razor. Remember when shaving always shave against the grain. That means – if the hair on your face grows downward – you should shave upward. If you have any cowlicks – that is hair that stands straight up or grows at an angle that doesn’t match the hair around it – should be shaved twice once up and down.

When shaving for the first time with this type of blade your focus is paramount. Lose you concentration and you might find yourself losing some skin. Take your time in the beginning and shave lightly. Until you have gotten the hang of it.

Always shave in a ninety degrees direction to the length of your blade. Do not move the blade lengthways across you kisser. Doing so will ruin your day. Be very cautious when shaving around your sideburn and mustache.

After shaving – don’t forget the after shave. You can use regular rubbing alcohol if you don’t have any regular aftershave sitting around.