Straight Razor Shaving

Straight razor shaving is a blast from the past. There aren’t many people out there using this old world cutting edge technology anymore. But those who are experience the cleanest and closest shave you can get. Now – you may be asking yourself “Is straight razor shaving for me?”

There are many reasons why others out there have begun shaving this way. The most predominate of the reasons someone would use a straight

Straight Razor Shaving

razor is cost. Even thought straight razors are considered to be very expensive items costing anywhere from $99 to $1200 per razor. They are actually the most economical choice – when you are looking at it long term.

So it may take you a year to pay off your new razor or even a year to save for one. But keep in mind how much money you will save in not having to buy blade refills on your standard razor for the rest of your life. You may be wondering if you read that last part right. It is true with proper care – your straight razor can last you the rest of your life.

Imagine how much you spend on blade refills a year and times that by the rest of your life. That turns out to be a lot of money and a great investment for you and your wallet. Along with the extra cash you get a cleaner longer lasting shave. Which is what we all want.

If you haven’t decided if straight razor shaving is for you yet. Then there are other reasons you might think about switching. For some of us – using a straight razor is “going green”. By using a straight razor you are eliminating a life time of blade refills that were going to end up in a land fill somewhere.

Lastly – there are many of us who like to shave this way because of the prestige and skill involved. One can not just simply slide this type of razor across the surface of your face. That would only end up in a bloody mess. Using a straight razor takes time and practice to get right. So – if you want to live a little more dangerously. But still want to be a little more refined. Try straight razor shaving.